SUPERSONIC 2020 postponement announcement

SUPERSONIC 2020 originally scheduled to be held on September 19th Saturday, 20th Sunday and 21st Monday in Chiba and Osaka Japan, will not take place this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 spread. It was our wish to host the festival by following the government’s and the local authorities’s guidelines carefully.
However, the government’s border enforcement measures are unlikely to be lifted anytime soon, those International artists are unable to enter Japan. On top of the entry issue, the recent steep rise of Coronavirus cases of who tested positive in our own country made us decide not to go through with SUPERSONIC this year. If we cannot protect the safety of the audience, artists, and staff, then the festival cannot happen.
The new dates in 2021 will be announced as soon as confirmed with the venues.

Everyone who has supported the festival including people who bought tickets to the festival, artists, and all the people who helped us move forward till this day, we would like to thank you all, and also would like to apologize for letting you down.
The 2020 SUPERSONIC tickets will be honored at the 2021 SUPERSONIC, so please hold on to the tickets. For people who wish to get a refund for now, of course it is available, please wait for further instructions for the refund process.

Supporters via crowdfunding, we thank you so much. Your donation will be used to install Coronavirus preventive measures at the shows in the future and at SUPERSONIC 2021.
We will update in our action report within the funding page. - Thank you!

Lastly, we can’t wait to see you at the festival venue next year.
Let’s bring back our music and live shows!


Statement by Naoshi Shimizu / CEO Creativeman Productions

Feeling every bit of disappointment, despair, anger and sadness by so many festival goers and organizers of those festivals, who had to choose to cancel their festivals, their blood sweat and tears. Their energy and emotion were my drive to push myself to move forward with SUPERSONIC.
Now, all I have to say is said in the announcement today, but I have to share with you that there have been more and more concerns and fears about travelling that were brought to my attention from overseas artists, as well as fears about attending the festival from ticket holders. I decided to draw the line here. We forfeit our battle against Coronavirus.
I would like to send my sincere appreciation to everyone who believed in us, as well as my apology for letting you down.

As we speak, we are in talks with artists, venues, involved parties, about SUPERSONIC 2021 to happen at the same place and same time as 2020.
To Artists who have kept their spirits up believing in playing at SUPERSONIC, we would like to have you back in 2021 SUPERSONIC. To Artists we were about to announce the participation, but didn’t get the chance to, we would like to have you back in 2021 SUPERSONIC.
To Ticket holders, and to people who decided it was not the time to go to the festival this year, we would like to promise you all that SUPERSONIC 2021 will be something you all feel it is worth the 2 year wait!
Lastly, staff and people involved in SUPERSONIC production, you worked so hard to host the very first festival. We’ve believed SUPERSONIC to be our first project to bring back live music to us. I am sorry, but let's move on, cheer up and reboot! Shall we at least fire up our customary fireworks??

Dear music lovers, until we see each other again at arenas, concert halls, festival sites, any music venues, we will keep doing what we can, like those throwback video streaming.
We will bring our music days back, filled with great music, with artists performing in front of you, to be enjoyed in a real live atmosphere.
We are in a time to face the challenge, but not for long!

Naoki Shimizu, Creativeman Productions